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Re-melted Lead Ingot
Remelted Lead Ingots are being produced from Raw Lead / Battery Scraps / Lead Scraps and other scraps of Lead in the specially designed Blast Furnace. The Scrap is obtained and is mixed with other reducing agents in the Furnace & further melted in pot furnace to free from dross.

Antimonial Lead Ingot

The most common and important metal alloyed with lead is antimony. Antimonial lead alloys usually contain from 1 to 6 percent antimony, but they may contain as much as 25 percent. Other components usually include tin, iron, copper, zinc, silver, arsenic, or traces of nickel. Because it has improved hardness and strength, antimonial lead has traditionally been known simply as hard lead. These are mainly obtained by smelting dross(Black/ Yellow) in the rotary furnace.

Refined Pure Lead Ingot
Remelted Lead Ingots, which contains about 97-99% Lead Metal with remaining Impurity Elements (Total 2-3%) as Antimony, Tin, Arsenic, Iron, Bismuth, Copper etc. This is commercially called as ‘Raw Lead or Lead Bullion’, which is further processed to Pure Lead (99.97 purity) as per buyer’s requirement.

Zinc Ingot
Zinc is a chemical Produced from remelting Zinc scrap and Dross. High grade (99.95% Zn) and Special High Grade (99.995%) are used widely in the Galvanizing industry.

Aluminium off-grade Ingot
Smelted and produced out of various grades of Aluminium scrap. Purity of Aluminium is in between 80-95%.

Aluminium ADC 12
ADC 12 is Japanese Industrial standard alloy and it is equivalent to American alloy A 383 . ADC is the short form Aluminium Die Castings. It is a very popular pressure die casting Aluminium-Silicon alloy used to produce automobile Castings.

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